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Our Collaboration

George Butler combines the curiosity and wanderlust of David Attenborough with the delicacy of brush of Audubon, travelling afar to bring back a subtle evocation of fauna and flora and the people he meets in far-flung places.


George Butler has spent the last 10 years documenting conflict, in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen and the migrations that people make when they are faced with great adversity. Now he turns his attention to a different sort of conflict - human-wildlife conflict and the realisation that war and heavy impact migration events will only increase in regularity if we do not protect the world's biodiversity. 



The CoExistence by George Butler exhibition is the start of that journey with CoExistence – a campaign which triggers a moment of collective empathy for the world’s biggest and most intelligent land animal, that, like so many magical creatures, now find themselves living in human-dominated landscapes.

Selecting from some of his latest images, as well as digging back into the archives, the CoExistence & George Butler collaboration hopes to bring you some of his most joyful work into your very own home. 


40% of profits generated through CoExistence + George Butler will go to the CoExistence campaign run by the Elephant Family. Projects made possible by the CoExistence campaign include the securement of wildlife corridors which enable safe movement for animals and people, encouraging industry to factor in the need of the wider ecosystem, the expansion of national parks and the protection of vital indigenous knowledge and livelihoods.